So it begins

I’ve been thinking of writing a blog for some time now. After yet another comment from my friend, just this evening, that I should do one about my love life, I finally set myself down to do it. So here I am!

My life, and love life, tend to be pretty boring most of the times, at least in my opinion.. Yet it’s sprinkled with lots of weird funny moments. This is where I’ll share those moments. Here we go 🙂

*Disclaimer – all names are fictional

A friend from work, Sara, called me on the phone earlier today, to ask of a guy she wants to date, as she saw he was a FB friend of mine. Curious, I asked for the guy’s name. And yes – you guessed it – we had our little history.


I’ve known him for years through a mutual friend but never really got in touch, until a few months ago when someone decided we could be a good match and did the initial exploration. Pretty soon we went on our first (and only) date, to a small party, where we started making out on the sofa. Oh how I love it when a guy is horny and doesn’t even try to hide it!!

He has a combination that I like of a down to earth successful side as a Hi Tech senior on the one hand, and a spiritual side of daily meditations and a personal guru (!!) on the other.

After a few drinks on my side (only.. he’s not a drinker), we headed out to his place. I was tipsy and light headed and felt very comfortable with the situation. The sex was good and passionate, and met my 3 must’s:

  1. Nice dick
  2. Went down on me
  3. I came

Fell happily asleep a few seconds later. When I woke up in early morning, I took my stuff and did my “walk of shame” back to my apartment.

Everything was nice and I really saw potential there, yet it wasn’t WOW. Maybe the sex was too fast, I don’t know.. In any case, ever since then we tried meeting, texted each other here and.. Nothing happened. Neither one of us was excited enough in order to really insist, and both our lives are quite busy, so our ways just split.

Until the call from Sara.

To make long story short, she asked me what I thought of him and I frankly told her that he is an awesome guy and that we had a fling, yet she is more than welcome to have a go. The date is planned for tomorrow, wish them luck ❤

Mojo’s favorite drink.. No coffee or alcohol for him

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