Nature calling

During the weekend I attended a relay race, of 8 runners. My sub-group of 3 had just finished our runs and had a few hours of sleep until the next segment. Me and a guy went to sleep outside in the field in our sleeping bags while the girl slept in the car.

When we woke up in very early morning, we were covered by weird looking spiders. They were EVERYWHERE.

I took some photos of them and decided to check what they were in an insect-lovers FB group (yes, as geeky as it gets).


admit it, you got curious

The geeks gave me an identification pretty fast – Harvestmen Opiliones. Yet later in my inbox there was a message from this guy asking if I’m ok with the identification and that I shouldn’t worry as it’s not dangerous. I found it funny and quite innocent to hit on a girl this way, as it was obvious I already had my identification. He looked cute and way too young. I thanked him and he took the opportunity to invite me to visit the nature center he’s working at, to see birds and insects. “It’s really you”.

Little did I know, I will actually visit that place this week, by chance! There’s a weekly tour through my university class, to learn of environmental issues in my country. This morning, one day after he invited me, they announced that our first stop at the tour will be the very same nature center. Small country indeed!! Wonder if he’ll be there on Thursday..

In the next chapters – the steward, the Shibari lover, the nudge, the free spirit and more.. Stay tuned.



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