All I wanted was to have sex

It all started off 10 months ago, when I visited a friend of mine in the states for 3 days, before flying off to my next destination.

I arrived after a very long travel, tired and carrying a HUGE suitcase with me, just to discover that the subway station only has staircase to go out from. Desperately I started pulling my suitcase up the stairs, one by one. Here and there people offered to help and I thanked them but rejected, saying I’m handling this. Finally seeing the end of it, 4 stairs to go, there came another offer for help. I looked up to see the person suggesting and saw the most gorgeous guy I could imagine. He was tall, well built, quite young, black toned with smooth skin, beautiful thick lips.. Obviously I played along! Oh yes thank you that would be so nice of you. He took the suitcase, stating “Wow, it is heavy!!”.

Then we were outside the station, with no more excuses to talk. I was waiting for my friend to pick me up and he asked me about my plans and what I was doing in Chicago, and we chatted for a few minutes until she came. He politely introduced himself to her, which was as cute as hell, and asked me if maybe I would like him to show me the city… Of course I wanted!! So glad he asked!! And if he could show me his bedroom at the end of the tour, even better!

He got my FB and we split ways, saying we would talk later that day. We did chat a little, and then came an unexpected twist of honesty: he started explaining that he really wants to date me that night but that he is completely out of cash and that his paycheck only comes in in a day or 2. He said he could loan from a friend but rather not, and that Chicago life is so hard and expensive.. I must say, I earn a good wage. Even in the states terms. And I have dated people who don’t earn as much, or at all. It’s not my cup of tea, but for  a one time thing, it doesn’t really matter. Yet!!! You can not start telling me all your troubles even before our first date! That’s completely misunderstanding women, or human, behavior. This is the time when you should impress me, not tell me your flaws. That is not appealing in any way. And this guy was super-appealing up to that point, when I started questioning if he is as cute and smart as he initially looked in my eyes.

He kept writing and apologizing, until I managed to reply that no worries, and we can meet at another day.

That night I went out with my friend and her roommate, who both knew how disappointed I was about not meeting him, and as un-politically correct as it is – how much I was turned on by him being black. He was hot to die for no matter his color, but the color did add.. I never dated black guys before, so I was curious as well.. “Once you go black” and all..

So what they did during our night out, was trying to fix me up with any black guy in that bar. I’ll elaborate later of what actually happened that night, but the outcome was that I was not in the mood for the date the day after.. Or at all, during my short stay.

The guy was disappointed and ever since he’s been writing to me here and there, asking when am I back in Chicago. Truth is, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be there again. I live very far away, in a different continent, and I told him that. Yet he keeps asking.

This week, I got the usual “hi” from him. when I answered, I got this weird message:


hmmm.. what?

We got into a conversation of our believes, he kept asking me of spiritual believes and what I think created the world and such. Until he said he needs my help. He is possessed by a devil who wants to still his soul, ever since he started meditating o_O

If anyone else in this world, I would not bite.. Yet to him, with his weird honesty – I totally believe this is what he feels. He said no one in his area can help him out and he really needs me to do some research or to link him to someone spiritual who can help. I promised to do so, and now how do I even start explaining to the ex-Guru I know, about this guy?.. I’ll take a few more days to think this over.




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